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6.5% ABV 20 IBU


Of course we have a hazy! This cloudy beauty is whirlpool hopped and dry hopped with strata (new to us) and citra. Strata is being described as the new darling of the hop world.  How could you go wrong? Lovely citrus flavor combined with dank herb and sharp zesty notes.  You won’t need any PPE to drink this Haze Mat. 


16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3


6% ABV 10 IBU

Our porter is dry and malty at the same time due to a low amount of black malt and good amount of chocolate malt. A great year round sipper.

16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3


5% ABV 11 IBU

Thanks to an ingredient list given to us 3 years ago by Uncle Mike Stabinkski – written on a piece of paper from around 1980 – we figured we’d bring this gem to life. This Czech Pils hopped with the not so easily found Lubelski hops might be the closest thing to your dad’s favorite lager. The recipe is hanging proudly on our wall!  
Na zdrowie! 

16oz $7  |   10oz $5  |   5oz $3

4.7%  ABV 19 IBU

 A simple Irish style red ale, no frills. 

16oz $5|   10oz $5  |   5oz $3


9.2%ABV 23IBU

How do you describe a beer style that doesn't exist?  We are calling it an Amber Stout.  The name may have you stuttering but the beer will smooth you right out.  This strong ale mimics a glass of butterscotch due to a blend of oats, lactose and Belgian dark candy.  We back all that up with a dash of butterscotch candy.  You may just think about looking in your grandma's purse for something sweet!

10 oz $8  5 oz $4


5% ABV 11 IBU

This Pale Ale is light and refreshing with notes of pine, grapefruit and stone fruits, a very crushable brew! Not to mention a Mike and Tracy favorite. Look around you, we sure to love our SeaPig! 

16 oz $7 10 oz $5  5 oz $3

Picnic Porter

Haze Mat

Piggian's Red

Angleski Pilsner

Wah-Wah Watch Butterscoth

Sea Pig Pale Ale




5.5% ABV 5 IBU

We used our award winning BBQ marinade and put it in a beer!  This blonde is heavily fruited with tangerine and pineapple.  

16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

Paper Ticket


11.4%  ABV 43  IBU


Cheers to our first anniversary, the paper anniversary.  back in the day you got yourself a paper ticket to ride the rides!  Enjoy this Russian Imperial that we rested in medium charred barrels for 3 months! 

10oz $8 |  5oz $4

Cop Food


7.1%  ABV 19 IBU

A version of our milk stout containing cocao nibs, vanilla beans, lactose and  marshmallow fluff.  We added a little custard to this one to give you that Boston Creme tatse.   

16oz $5  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

Picnic Coffee Porter


5.6% ABV 5 10 IBU

Our Picnic Porter infused with coffee!  Try it with a splash of vanilla soda!   

16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

Hard Birch Beer


5% ABV 0 IBU

Whether it’s Sam’s, Mack’s, Romeo’s, Piro’s or any of your other favorite local pies, you always get a birch beer. So grab your pie of choice and have an Anglesea Hard Birch Beer! (contains potassium sorbate as a preservative)

16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

Campfire Cone


7.1% ABV 19 IBU

This fruited stout has been brought to you by a fun twist on an old BBQ dessert entry. A classic sweet stout with all the good stuff. Oats, chocolate malt, C80 and of course chocolate nibs.  What makes this a campfire cone (Google It…) is the delicious addition of blueberry,  fluff, and waffle cones.

Yes… we said waffle cones!

16oz $5 |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

Beach Ball Saison

beach ball.webp

4.9% ABV 4 IBU

We embraced our "local - ness" in this farm style ale. Locally sourced beach plums from Sunset flower Farm in Woodbine, pears from our friend, Keith Mcgee and hops from our friends Rich Farr and Will Johnson. Light fruity esters and peppery phenols, this saison literally compliments itself, you'll think you're sipping this on the "Wildwood Riveira"  

16oz $5 |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3


Pink Sugar



4.3% ABV

Hard Black Cherry Soda

Hard Grape Soda

Hard Vanilla Soda

These hard sodas  join the lineup just in time for summer.  A very refreshing treat that will bring you back to your childhood.

16oz $7  |  10oz $5  |  5oz $3

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